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On Farm Service 

Tractors and other agricultural equipment is not always able to be brought over to the PCT shop. This is why Perfect Circle Tire offers On Farm(or In Field) Service. We have trained technicians with trucks that are equipped with everything the technician will need. Farmers are the core of the world. They support us all, and we want to be able to help them keep moving. We do our best to offer quick and reliable service.


Types of Fluid

Calcium Chloride
     This is the cheaper of the two fluids available to consumers. It does not freeze and is readily available. When using this product a tire must have a tube. Calcium will corrode metal easily. So if it does start to leak out, clean it off quickly.

     This product is what some people call 'beet juice' because of its dark color. It is a thick, molasses like consistency. It is more expensive than the calcium but will not corrode metal or kill plans if it leaks out.
How do I set up an On Farm Service Call?
Before you call, it is helpful to have all the information that we will ask for.

1. What is your name and where are you located? 

2. What size is the tire, and in what position?

3. Does the tire have fluid in it? What kind?

4. What kind of equipment is the tire on and where is it sitting?

5. Do you think you will need a new tire or a new tube?

6. How urgent is this service?

Having the answers to these questions will help get a service technician out to you quickly.
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